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Default Issues with Connection Rules: matching by inbound number

For the last couple of years, I have been using Call Connection (Call Forwarding) Rules to match by inbound number. I was routing calls from various DIDs including IPkall and Callcentric to my voxalot account

The numbers I wanted voxalot to match were just regular US and Canadian CIDs XXX-XXXXXXX.

I tried all possible options for number matching, such as 'begins with', 'equals', 'contains', 'ends with'. I tried to match CIDs with- and without leading '1' (US/Canada country code).

Some rules worked ok for particular configurations (say, IPkall ->

But, unfortunately, none of matching rules would work for every configuration.

I think that part of the problem is that a CID string is transmitted somehow differently by different providers, particularly, with respect to the leading '1' (US/Canada country code).

So, sometimes I had to use the rule 'equals' 'XXX-XXXXXXX', whereas in some other cases I had to use the rule 'equals' '1-XXX-XXXXXXX'.

Surprisingly, the rule 'ends with' 'XXX-XXXXXXX' did not always work, either.

Conclusion: non of the Voxalot’s matching rules would work for all my setups and configurations.

As a result, I was forced to end up with the following quasi "universal" rule: 'contains' 'XX-XXXXXX', where the first leading digit of the area code end the last digit of the number are removed (i.e the matching number is truncated to 8 digits).

On the other hand, the Callcentric matching rule for '1-XXX-XXXXXXX' has always worked for all my configurations, setups, and DIDs (including non-Callcentric DIDs).

So why Voxalot cannot implement one robust intelligent rule specifically for standard North American CIDs as Callcentric has, which will recognize a CID regardless of having the leading '1', etc?

Am I missing something?


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