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Default iNum, Voxalot and Voipbuster


I've been using iNum through Voxalot and usually I've been receiving iNum calls at my Voxalot iNum number originated from a Voipbuster account. However, since yesterday I noticed that if my Voxalot iNum number was called from Voipbuster, it didn't had any audio, despite that number worked when the call was initiated from Skype, for example. So I think there is an issue in the interconnection between Voipbuster and Voxalot and I bet that the issue is on Voipbuster side. Using an Voxalot default configuration with 'Sym NAT' configured to 'yes', when I receive a call on my Voxalot iNum number, the CID is as follows: '6660230075@'. But if I receive a call from Voipbuster on my Voipuser iNum number (registered at my Voxalot account), the CID is as follows: '6627170723@'. In both cases I was registered at Voxalot EU Server and I had the same results when I configured 'Sym NAT' to 'No' using a Nokia E65 phone. And what's funny is that it only happens when I call my Voxalot iNum from Voipbuster but not when I call any other VSP iNum number from the same Voipbuster account. So, or there is some very tricky configuration or that behavior is intentional. I can not prove either one or the other case, despite I have my intuition of what may be happening.
As any one the same results on similar conditions?
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