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Unread 08-08-2007, 03:53 AM   #1
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Default incoming calls via sip URI with voxalot premium

My incoming calls on voxalot are not working. During the free period I had them set up and working nicely. I have a single DID with CallCentric which I set up to forward to my voxalot sip URI(s). I had two "free" accounts that I was using to ring different lines on my ATA since they had two distinct sip URIs I could forward to separately based on CallCentric's call treatments. Thus some caller IDs would ring one line, others the other line.

It was working perfectly until the premium features were no longer free. The trouble is that I've upgraded to premium (on one account) and all inbound calls forwarded to that SIP URI are dumped straight to voicemail. (The same as the account that wasn't upgraded). The phones simply won't ring.

Another thing I don't understand is that with one account I get 5 SIP registrations, but there is still only one account number (thus one SIP URI) so it seems that all of the ATAs are supposed to register with the same ID/login. How then is it possible to distingush between multiple registrations to direct calls to specific lines? Does it mean I should have gotten two "lite" accounts instead of one "premium" account?

Perhaps the answer is that in my provider list I need to check "yes" to register with my DID provider (which wasn't previously necessary) and then have all calls go to the registered device and somehow (if possible) figure out how to route them to different lines from voxalot. To me this seems wasteful of voxalot's resource since it requires it to maintain sip registrations not only with my ATA lines, but also my DID provider, which was not necessary just a few days ago.

I thing this goes to the extreme confusion (for me anyway) as to what voxalot considers a "sip registration". The ATA device connecting to a free voxalot account is doing a SIP registration with voxalot, but it's not clear if that is one of the 5 allowed with a premium account.

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Unread 08-08-2007, 05:30 AM   #2
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I just tested my two FreeCall numbers which forward to Voxalot via SIP URI only -- no registration at Voxalot; they both worked fine.

Also, my SIPME DID number works fine... I am adjusting some other phone usage -- now instead of using my mobile provider's voicemail, I am diverting it to the SIPME DID and it all worked fine too. SIPME is registered with Voxalot though.
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Unread 08-09-2007, 01:55 AM   #3
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Default rebooting my ATA solved the problem

It turns out that rebooting my ATA solved the problem. Strangely, outbound calls always worked fine and the no-ring situation developed precisely at the time that the premium features were no longer free after working flawlessly for over a week. I guess I didn't need to get a premium account after all, but I'm happy to support voxalot since it's such a great service anyway.

There were no error messages in my ATA adapter log and it showed the status as connected even when it wouldn't ring. Hopefully the strange no-ring situation won't recur.
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