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Default Finding Bugs


i first got into Voxalot for the new callback feature, now I'm so hooked up on it that I will soon be using it as a "quick and easy" replacement to my asterisk server when I'm travelling (though losing access to all my incoming DID numbers).

I have successfully registred my IP phone to Voxalot and did some testing and dialplan testing. I was wondering if Voxalot could add a feature that allows users to check what's happening when dialling numbers (like Asterisk CLI). The Test feature in the Dial Plan page is useful but not always accurate or enough to judge what's happening or to make the right changes.

It'd be great if users could activate a Debug feature and see a clear list of operations carried out by Voxalot when trying to complete a call.

Just a thought anyways.
Great product, I'm wondering what the monthly fee is going to be once it's fully operational. My 2 cents: if Voxalot manages to directly register with our providers the value of this product will definetely be higher!!! It's going to be like an online Asterisk. What more could we ask for?
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