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Default Newbie - but please be nice

OK, I sort of get it, but then again I sort of don't. I am trying though. Can someone please explain what I should do to get the most of this service. I get the Web Call back but not the free SIP calls. I am also producing a self help web site so everything I learn here will be reproduced to help others.

Now I have read other long posts and I know they can be boring, but I would really appreciate some answers.

BTW, I am an Engin VoIPer customer with an unlocked SPA-3000.

Here's what I have done.
1) I have set up my own VoXaLot number. Now what can I (should I) do with it? Can people call me using this number? Why would I want them to do that, given that they already have my PSTN and Engin DID number. BTW, I have set up ENUM (see below).

2) I have registered my PSTN and Engin DID at to be redirected to my Engin DID number. Is this the best thing to do? Reading on this forum, I am beginning to think that I should route the calls to my VoXaLot number. Should I make this change? If so, why? What is the benefit of doing this?

My understanding is that by registering at, anyone that uses a participating VSP (ie one that checks for ENUM) will be able to call me for free. Is this correct? I also assume that their is no saving to me, but then again you have to contribute so others can save. Is this also correct?

Now Engin doesn't allow inbound SIP calls which doesn't affect me but does prevent others (not on the Engin network) from calling me for free. So is there anything here at Voxalot that gets around this? If so what and how?

3) I have set up my SPA-3000 to use VoXaLot and added <#1,:>[x*][x*].<:@gw1> to my dial plan. I have tested this and it works. Now how should I use this in normal life? Should I send every call through to Voxalot, or should I only send calls to people that have a DID from a VSP other than Engin? ie I can call Engin to Engin free anyway. I assume if I send every call to Voxalot, that Voxalot will route the calls for me. I have registered Engin in the setup at Voxalot as per the instructions, but haven't added any dial plans. If I am to send all calls to Voxalot first (other than 000 etc that are coded in my SPA-3000 dial plan), then I assume I could remove the <#1,:> from my SPA dial plan and hence send all calls to Voxalot. Once again, please confirm if this is what I should do to get the most from this service.

Edit: So given all this, why do I need SIP broker? Should I route any calls through SIP broker or should I just use Voxalot?



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