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Default SPA3K / Voice Mail Problem

Hi, this is a tricky problem to describe, so apologies for the long post.

My Setup:
Voxalot registered Line 1 on the SPA3K.
PSTN set to ring through.
User 1 set to forward to my voxalot number after 12 seconds.

What used to happen:
  • PSTN would ring and SPA3K would ring phones on FXS port for 12 seconds.
  • SPA3K would forward call to voxalot account.
  • Voxalot voice mail would answer more or less immediately.
  • Caller would leave a message.

What happens now (since performance tuning I think):
  • PSTN rings and SPA3K rings phones on FXS port for 12 seconds.
  • SPA3K forwards call to voxalot account.
  • Short pause while phones attached to FXS port stop ringing, but phone plugged into PSTN in parallel with SPA3K keeps ringing.
  • Phones attached to FXS Port Start ringing again
  • After 20 to 30 seconds Voxalot voice mail answers.
  • This is where things go bad...

What usually appears to happen is:
  • The caller gives up while the voxalot account is ringing
  • The SPA3K doesn't tear down the forwarded call.
  • Voxalot voice mail answers.
  • The SPA3K takes the PSTN off hook.
  • Voxalot records a PSTN dial tone, followed by a PSTN re-order tone, followed by that awful screeching Off Hook Warning Tone
  • Some time later I might notice the PSTN off hook because I've got the Samurize monitor running, or someone rings on the mobile asking if we're on the phone.
  • I unplug the PSTN from the the SPA.
  • Voxalot then announces I have a 94 minute voice mail.

I see two problems here: The first is the behaviour of the SPA3K - when the incoming PSTN drops off, it should tear down the forwarded call to Voxalot. If I can be motivated, I might log a call with Linksys just for the amusement of finding out what their non-response will be.

The second problem isn't really a problem, but a change in the behaviour I used to observe with Voxalot - what used to happen is that the moment the incoming call hit the call forward no answer timeout set in the SPA (12 seconds - about 4 rings), it would forward to my voxalot account, and voxalot voice mail would answer immediately (presumably because it saw that the call was coming from the same voxalot account as was being called).

Because this is no longer happening, and because the default voxalot voice mail time out is 20 or 30 seconds, people give up and I get long recordings of dial tone etc.

I'd love the old behaviour back - if Voxalot gets a call forwarded to the same account as the call is coming from, it goes to voice mail.
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