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Default Major changes to DNS network

After about a month worth of development, followed by a week of further testing and refining and then deploying finding more issues and fixing them up over the course of another week or so we think we have a very close to final version of our own DNS daemon. For the longest time we've tried many different DNS daemons but none were ever 100% quite suitable for our needs or we could use given the resources we have at our disposal.

It's unfortunate that we had to go to such lengths, but we were unable to find any other DNS daemons written that were designed to efficiently handle large to very large amounts of zone data as well as incremental changes without cause blocking to the DNS responder or excessive amounts of CPU load.

Having administered DNS systems for a decade or so it's a little bit of a shock when you start getting into the nuts and bolts of the protocol, so there was an interesting learning experience coding an authoritative DNS daemon.

So all that said and done there is a number of things that set this DNS daemon apart from other software available, that is critical for us, but is of little or no use or value to anyone else. This includes features such as being able to accept queries for all our domains,,,,,, Things we're coded in such a way as to accept e164 look ups on any zone that had e164 as part of the ccTLD or part of the gTLD this include

In part what this now means is it if there is any countries or those in charge of their delegation and you aren't quite sure how to handle things or just want someone else to do all the work then we'd be happy to hear from you and to discuss your options about what is possible, we have been operating a successful enum registry continually since 2004 and have gained a lot of experience covering both technical and non-technical issues along the way.

The other big change to occur as a result is there is a lot more integration with the website notifying secondary servers directly when an update occurs, in general this means all secondaries have the new information within 5 seconds.

We also have 3 servers with IPv6 addresses, the DNS daemons support listening on IPv6 as well as now properly handles AAAA requests/replies. We have name servers in 4 countries, we are utilising domains from multiple jurisdictions with multiple registrars including one that the guys from the pirate bay use. Also to ensure uptime we're now using glue records on each domain from 3 different domains, in the past year alone there has been outages in the .org and .au name spaces that I personally know of although there has possibly others too.

While we have a reasonable level of geographical diversity at present, and latency is reasonable for those in Africa, South America and Asia, it would be more ideal if would could get servers located there too, I have attempted to locate cheap hosting in the past but most sites weren't in english or were wanting too much money for a simple Xen hosting with very small amounts of bandwidth, if anyone can point me in the direction of a cheap/free hosting please contact us.
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