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Default Caller can hear me clearly, but I cannot hear the caller

In my VoXaLot account, I did Call Forwarding to:

Where 12345 is an extension on my Asterisk server.

Now I can get the phone at (my Asterisk) extension
12345 to ring when there is an incoming call on my account.

My Asterisk server is behind a firewall.
I added 2 new rules to my firewall:
1. Inbound UDP traffic on port 5060 should be forwarded to the Asterisk server at at port 5060
2. This inbound UDP traffic is limited to the ip address which is

So now:
A. My friend calls a local PSTN number from
B. He enters my ENUM
C. (Given my voxalot call forwarding) I get UDP traffic on port 5060 from
D. My asterisk 12345 extension starts ringing

Good. So far.

We start talking.
He can hear my voice very clearly.
But the problem is - I cannot hear his voice at all. Absolutely nothing.

I suspect this could be a firewall issue.
Yes, my asterisk server is behind my firewall's NAT.

Do I need to open other ports and/or allow additional ip addresses?
Or is this some other problem?
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