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Unread 10-08-2006, 11:57 AM   #1
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Default Daft SipBroker question...

Rightyho, I have registered one of my landline DID numbers with e164.

I can see that using the full int. dialling code, it would route to my Sipgate number, which is currently registered with Voxalot, which should in turn, ring my Line 1, connected to my SPA3102.

I can also understand that if I registered my SPA3102 with a VSP who had a PSTN connection service, that if a number I dialled was not ENUM matched on e164, it would connect me to the PSTN number.

Now, given that the SPA3102 has both FXS and FX0 ports, and PSTN can be connected either through override (dial # for an outside line etc) or by dialling IN on the FX0 SIP account and entering a PIN - is the following possible....

Setup an ATA to check a dialled number against SipBroker, and if a match is not found, dial the call using the locally connected FX0/PSTN connection? (i.e. no free route found, make call as normal, NOT using a VSP)...

At present, my ATA dial plan is :

So anything starting 01, 02, 07 or 08 drops to PSTN, pressing # immediately gets a PSTN line, PSTN service codes are dialled on PSTN, as it 999 (emerg). * & *xxx numbers, and everything else, go via the ATA subscription, which is (currently) Voxalot (so dialling the 15166875089 test ENUM number routes correctly)

Now, I *could* ignore the 00 UK international prefix for all calls, and dial a full number, so Voxalot would check it against SipBroker for me - but if it can't find a match, it will just say "unavailable". If I put SipBroker in the dialplan, should I change the end of my dialstring to x.<:gw0> so it dials out over PSTN?
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