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Unread 12-25-2007, 01:47 PM   #1
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Default Feature Request: Call Connection Rules


I would just like to add a feature request to expand on the current Call Connection Rules.

At the moment we are able to route per provider or per number, I would like the ability to route by both provider AND/OR number to be able to create advanced rules such as...

Incoming Provider = FreeWorldDialup
Voxalot Number

Incoming Provider = FreeWorldDialup AND Incoming Number = begins with 0044 OR Incoming number = contains no digits
The above example would only affect the FWD SiP URI and associated DID's, whilst callers to Voxalot and associated DID's would be unaffected by these rules and thus everyone would be able to get through regardless of whether their CLI was presented or not.

I don't know whether others would agree but being able to create advanced rules per provider would definitely help me out when it comes to setting up incoming rules because for instance, I have some DID's which I would like to receive all calls from regardless of whether the number is available or not, but the majority of DID's I would like to be able to block withheld or unavailable CLI's.

For instance...

1) My public number given to all 0012125550000 (set to provider 1), could be set to only ring between 9am and 5pm weekdays with nuisance callers and anonymous callers getting voicemail 24/7.
2) My friends number 0012125550001 (set to provider 2), could be set to ring between 9am and 10pm weekdays with anonymous calls allowed, with certain friends (selected by caller ID), allowed to call 24/7.
3) My family's number 0012125550002 (set to provider 3), could be set to ring 24/7 other than those family who are unable to understand the concept of timezones.

It would also be very handy to have "Voxalot" in the drop down providers box so that we could set rules for DID's we have pointed at our Voxalot SIP URI's and the ability to route calls to an alternative Voxalot URI would be valuable also.

I know that the majority of what I am asking for it probably already available but it would be so complicated to set-up in the rules we have available, this for me at least, would make things so much simpler and easy to configure.
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