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Unread 07-24-2006, 11:41 PM   #1
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Default ENUM routing not working

I'm having problems getting VoXaLot to route calls via my E164 ENUM settings.

I have my PSTN numbers registered with E164 and the ENUM Records pointing towards

I have my VOIPCheap account set up in the providers section of VoXaLot.

I have all my outgoing calls routed from EasyPABX ( to my VoXaLot account

My X-Lite softphone is registered to an extension on EasyPABX.

I have a dial plan set up on VoXaLot:
Priority: 1
Pattern: _00.
Replacement: ${EXTEN}
Provider: VOIPCheap
ENUM Replacement: ${EXTEN:2} (I have tried ${EXTEN} too)
Active: Yes

I have entered my PSTN numbers into the number to test section of the dial plan menu in different formats eg. 00441234567890 & 441234567890 and they resolve to the ENUM record settings in E164 which is

The problem I have is when dialing the numbers I have registered with E164 the calls are routed via VOIPCheap and not via the free route of which should come back to my softphone via EasyPABX.

I've spent the entire weekend trying to get this to work and have failed. If anybody can offer any help or suggestions it would be very much appreciated.

I have tried changing my E164 ENUM records to my VoXaLot account and this made no difference.

When I enter my PSTN into the number to test box sometimes it comes back as saying the call will be routed via VOIPCheap (wrong) and sometimes by my E164 settings (correct). If I press the test button again it then finds the correct route.
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Ok during my use, I have noticed to voxalot dialplans can be a little buggy to setup, but once they are setup they are fine. What I mean is I have setup dialplans and enum has failed to work, I have entered the applicable dial plan's edit page ,ONLY clicked save and enum has worked since.

You can test if enum is working by entering the number in the test box and clicking test and seeing if it resolves to your sip uri.

Ok so your enum resolves with voxalot and the dialplan works, but your ATA still calls via your VSP. Register your voxalot account to a softphone and try to call then, if it still doesn't work. Try calling the sip uri in the softphone, I think you will find that won't work if you got this far. The problem then is the sip device you are tring to call is on a network that is blocking you. You can register your self to that network or get the sip device your calling to straighten itself out so to speak and register with a proper vsp and edit the enum listing accordingly, or just make it's enum listing to it's direct sip uri.

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