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Default VoIP System – Technologies, hardware, a solution needed

Hi, how are you? I’m new here, and this is a pleasure to participate in the forum. I hope you can be patient and I wish you could share your knowledge so I can become less ignorant as I wish to be =D

I wish you could help me to do the following thing and as you supposedly already know I don’t know how and where to begin. I’m somehow good with computers, including programming. Therefore I would like to do the services myself, so maybe it can be a differential in the future. Do you understand?

I’ve done my ‘homework’ and got the basics with VoIP, and now, please let me show you the situation I’m in...

I have a small company here in Brazil with 5 employees working out. They support the services the company does, so they are constantly in touch with clients. I subscribe to an Internet Service Provider and I have a 10 Mb ADSL broadband and all employees are connected through wireless.

The telephone expenses are somehow high, so decided I’m going to renew some of my informatics hardware and implement VoIP in the company. Consider I still don’t have any of the needed equipment, so I need to buy them all, and after that subscribe to 2 VoIP service providers for availability and rates offered to mobile and landline phone calls.

I have in mind two of them: VoxAlot and VoipWise.

1.*What do you think about it, wise choice? Anny better idea or companies that have cheap rates for calls inside Brazil?

I need to buy the hardware to make the things happen, but we’re going to think about it in a while. So I wish to have at least two VoIP service providers configured and running on the system simultaneously. That’s right. I have in the company 1 attendant and 4 support nice guys and as I told they are constantly in touch with clients and other 3 collaborators that live in different cities inside my state. Sometimes when somebody calls the company, the attendant should transfer the call to one of those collaborators, but this couldn’t be done, then we usually contacted the collaborator and he used to call that person. Now the things are gonna change friends =D because the system we are going to implement should offer the possibility that if needed, the attendant can have the call transferred to one of them through the VoIP lines and of course, internally in the company.

2.*How can be possible to receive standard PSTN calls (regular landline or mobile phones), have it attended by the attended, and transfer it internally in the company and if needed transfer it to one of collaborators in theirs city through the VoIP lines and sometimes forward it directly? How would this schema work?

3.*When we are going to make a call, if it is to a mobile phone number, it should be done through the cheapest VoIP operator (X) and to landline numbers through the cheapest (Y) operator as we are going to have 2 VoIP providers. Could you consider it, when helping me with a solution?

I were wondering about Asterisk solution, but poor of my knowledge, I don’t have this power yet. Please, don’t consider it. And as I wish to be an engaged person, I would be very happy if the company could receive non standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) calls like IP Phones, Soft Phones, Google Talk, MSN and other for example, and have it all ‘magically’ centralized to the attendant in a ‘simple’ way.

4.*Can you suggest something? I have no idea about it, and other means of free incoming calls (free to client) would be extremely appreciated, but not considering an 800 number.

Yes, at least I know something; I’m not so ‘dummy’ this way I am going to spend some money on hardware and time on reading to set up it all. So, please...

5.*What equipments would involve the solution, like ADSL modem 2nd, wireless router 2nd, switch 2nd, standard telephony devices 2nd, IP Phone devices 2nd, Soft Phone 2nd, and other devices, including this, this, and this I need to accomplish the task? Any suggestion is really appreciated!

Thank you for your knowledge, for your patience. Keep studying, helping your ‘next door neighbor’... The world needs people like you!

Sorry for the long, long post. Sorry too for the ‘infinite’ wish list. And sorry if it was already posted before. I sincerely hope it can help other people around here, and if I can contribute with something, please, let me know. I will be very happy helping you too.

Thank you again!

Best regards,
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