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Unread 09-18-2010, 10:39 PM   #1
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Default newbie: multiple device ring

Hello All,

I currently use MyNetFone as my VoIP provider (Australia). I have two SIP phones registered to one MyNetFone account (both phones using the same SIP credentials).
As it stands, the problem I'm having is that when anyone calls me only 1 of the phones will ring. If I disconnect one phone, then the other one will ring. What I'd like is to have both phones ring at the same time.
I've read somewhere that if I sign up to Voxalot, then I can get both phones to ring if someone dials me through MyNetFone. Could someone please:
(a) confirm that Voxalot will let me achieve this outcome, and
(b) let me know which Voxalot plan I need to sign up to.

Thank you!
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Unread 09-19-2010, 09:44 AM   #2
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I don't know MyNetFone, so you'll need confirmation from someone else for this part.

What I can tell you is that (at least) two limitations can exist:
1) MyNetFone limits to only 1 registration (looks strange to me, but not impossible at all)
2) Your two phones are located behind the same modem, and this one has some limitation...

According to my tests, yes Voxalot will route calls to several registered devices, included with basic account. I managed to make two phones ring behind the same modem, but I cannot tell that the communication is ok because my hardware cannot do it!
(I interpreted this by the fact that the hardware routes incoming calls according to user login/number... And when two phones use the same, both are triggered (ringing), but the audio dynamic port is not matched due to NAPT issue inside my modem.)

If your phones are located behind different modem/public IP, then your issue is probably related to MyNetFone. Voxalot should then work for you.
If both phones are located behind the same modem/public IP, then this is maybe your hardware... The solution could be to change the configuration, or to replace hardware if there is no configuration solution.

(By configuration, I'm talking about port forwarding... not only the 5060, but also dynamic ones for audio RDP. But you can begin with only the 5060 since it suffices to make phones ring. you'll then be able to know if MyNetFone accepts multiple registrations.)
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Unread 09-22-2010, 05:55 AM   #3
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Thanks for your reply Padboll, much appreciated.

I couldn't use the free account, as MyNetFone requires SIP registration .. so purchased a $15 account.

I tried with a softphone and my Billion 7404VGOM router, as the two phones (at different locations). It didnt seem to work. But when I used a different ATA instead of the Billion, it all worked!

Thanks again..
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Unread 02-07-2011, 10:10 AM   #4
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Unhappy both devices ring, but no outcoming calls on one


had set up a SPA2102 with my premium Voxalot account a year ago and everything works perfect.

Now I have set up a second location (different IP, different network etc.) with an AG188N registering to the same Voxalot account. The ATA says it is registered and I can receive incoming calls without problems.

However I can only call out directly after the device has registered, after a while of inactivity this is no longer possible (no connection at all or "busy" signal). Not even the Voxalot service numbers work. The device is still registered and I can still receive inbound calls though.

Strange thing is that the AG188N never shows up as registered device in my Voxalot homepage - as far as I understand, this always displays the latest registered device.

I am using the EU Voxalot server for both devices - should I switch one of the devices to another server? Or what else could be the problem?
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Unread 02-07-2011, 03:48 PM   #5
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I had problems with this myself, but I eventually discovered this was a NAT issue, not a issue Voxalot can fix. Once I got a good DD-WRT router, and forwarded specific ports to my ATAs, Voxalot calls would ring on my multiple ATAs. If you did not do this, VOIP would be flakey.
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