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Unread 10-26-2006, 12:12 PM   #1
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Default don't receive calls, but they are going into the voicebax

I just registered at voxalot.

And now, if s.o. is calling me I don't receive any phone call,
but all are forwarded directly to my voicemail box with you:
"The user of the extension ... is not online..."

The same time my Sipura/Linksys/SPA941 signals me that it is online
at (by special logoand the webinterface) - and after s.o.
had spoken to my viocemailbox it signals me that a new voicemail is waiting.

So my Auth (the phone no) and my password must be correctly entered
and working!
So what do I have to do so that the calls are going further to my phone?

Another problem is what do I have to enter for my voicemail box in my SPA941?
In the webinterface I have a filed (phone->VoiceMailNo) that works with
the vocemail button.

But if I enter there => My phone is ringing,
305234500 @ => Call is enden => sounds like
'commedian mail - mailbox' pause
'password' 9999 '...adian?? incorrect mailbox' pause ..

Beside that I realized that if I have new messages in my mailbox
and I make a reset of my phone which includes de-registration and then a
re-registration this SPA doesn't show anymore that there are still new mails
in my box!

One quesstion about the ports. I have another VoIP-Provider (VoIPDiscount)
and now both are usiing Port 5060 before that I user 5061 for
Does this matter?
But my call to voxalot are comming through 43 1 230720 305234 which routes them directly to you!

Any help is apprecciated!
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Unread 10-28-2006, 09:19 AM   #2
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casch is on a distinguished road
Default no comment? no solution?

Hi again,

to make my telephone ring seems to be a more difficult problem?

Anyway I realized, that, if I have voicemails in my box - I have got the
emails - my phone (SPA941), when it registers, it never gets the
information, that there are voicemails waiting.

Sometimes it shows that (a special logo) after some time.
Right now (Sa. 11:15 MEZ) 15 Min. after registering it doesn't show
anything like that. But when I open my box I can access my mails
without problems.

Thanks a lot for this greate service anyway,
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