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Unread 09-12-2007, 06:40 AM   #1
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Question Can't call webcalldirect phone via Sipbroker

Should I be able to call my webcalldirect phone from a Voxalot phone through Sipbroker?

I can direct IP dial to my webcalldirect phone from an unregistered line on my PAP2 by dialing (I do the IP dial by placing the dial string into a speed dial slot in my PAP2). Since the IP dial works, why can't I also reach my webcalldirect phone through Sipbroker by sending the call to * ?

Note that in the above example I have replaced my actual webcalldirect phone number with 'user-id', however my actual webcalldirect user ID has no digits, it is all alphabetic characters.

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Unread 09-15-2007, 07:55 PM   #2
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Hard to say what's going on. I did notice that the main SIP Broker provider list has a red X for provider *7759, which usually means that the provider is blocking inbound calls. However, if that were actually what was going on, than your "" should also fail (as they should be ending up in the same place).

IMHO what's more likely going on, is that when your attempts to use * are failing (for whatever yet unknown reason), it is (incorrectly) telling SIP Broker than *7795 is blocking inbounds (when really something else is going on).

As to what is actually causing this to fail, it's hard to tell (given the available info), so the best we can do is guess. It might be related to the fact that your userid is not all numeric, because we do know there are some issues that come up (from time to time) with non-numeric "phone numbers" and SIP Broker. However, I would suspect it should still work, as long as your adapter can properly send the userid characters to SIP Broker.

But another things that also occurs to me, is that it sounds like you are testing with two VoIP devices behind the SAME home/NAT router. Is this the case? If so, we have sometimes noticed weird effects caused by the internet address translation (that home/NAT routers do), that can make such calls fail when both devices are behind the same router (as the addressing of the call endpoints get confused). To test this theory, I suggest you have a friend (with a VoIP adapter not located at your home) try calling your phone both ways, and see what happens. If that works, than the problem is likely isolated to just your own LAN, and anyone calling you from "elsewhere on the internet" should be fine. If so, just be aware of that issue, and move on (as it were).

If you don't have anyone else to do a test call for you, just PM with your details (i.e. what "userid" to use, and what times it is OK to try calling). I'll be glad to temporarily setup my adapter with a couple of speed dials (one going direct to your provider's proxy, and one going via SIP Broker), to see what results I get when I try calling.
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Unread 09-16-2007, 07:42 AM   #3
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emoci is a name known to allemoci is a name known to allemoci is a name known to allemoci is a name known to all

Another thing to try is create a SIPBroker Alias for

It will assign you something like xxxxxxx (i believe it is 7 digits) which can then be called as *

Sign Up at SipBroker for this, the rest is pretty self explanatory.... about how to go about creating an Alias

Note: You don't normally need to sign up for anything unless in cases like this when a numeric alias may simplify things
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