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Unread 03-09-2007, 05:55 AM   #1
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Question Enable NAT on provider's side?

I currently have Voxalot registered to Vitelity and setup for incoming & outgoing calls. I also have symmetric NAT disabled in Voxalot settings so that I'm sure that no voice traffic goes through Voxalot's server. But what I'm not sure of is the setting in Vitelity's panel.

Should I disable or enable NAT in my Vitelity panel? Voxalot isn't behind a NAT, but I am, so I don't know which one should be the "best" selection. Currently Vitelity has NAT enabled and things are working fine with my Vitelity DID, incoming and outgoing. Btw, I had to set my DID routing to "SIP Device", setting it as SIP PBX breaks incoming calls via Voxalot (outgoing still work fine, Voxalot is registered and everything).

Also, has the same NAT option, but it also has an option to enable or disable Re-Invite. I'm assuming re-invites need to be enabled? I haven't yet used with Voxalot, so just curious right now.
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Unread 03-09-2007, 10:34 PM   #2
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As a safe answer, whatever configuration that is working is the configuration to go with. If you have a working config on both the Voxalot side, and the settings within the Vitelity account portal, that allow both inbound and outbound calls to work without any problems, then keep it, it is good. All those settings for NAT and such that it asks when you run the Vitelity wizard, I am not sure the answers to when it comes to Voxalot. I went through it myself without knowing.

I know that for outbound calling only (i.e. when you don't have any DID with Vitelity) using either or outbound1.vitelity (does anyone else get something besides 1's in their settings page within Vitelity?) works just fine--both proxies work equally well via Voxalot.

Inbound calls, and getting Voxalot to register with Vitelity, is apparently more tricky. Some people have reported problems when they choose the 'wrong' configuration. If yours is working, keep it. Doing so won't introduce any lag or anything to the picture.

Do you mind sharing your settings in more detail with me so I can modify my Voxalot tutorial page to most accurately describe a known working configuration for outbound & inbound within the Voxalot provider page?

WRT, the re-invite option as far as my understanding goes should be enabled for ordinary end-users using Les. Setting it to disabled is meant for resellers who need it disabled in order to bill you for the full call.
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Unread 03-10-2007, 08:49 AM   #3
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Well I won't mess with my settings then, here they are (mostly from the FAQ btw):

Using inbound1 (active, registered)
Using outbound1 (active, not registered)
Symmetric NAT = no

Under subaccount I've got NAT enabled
For the DID Routing...Protocol = SIP...Type = ATA Device, IP Phone or Softphone...Account = Selected my proper subaccount (what I use in Voxalot to register)

If I had the Type set as PBX Server, then inbound calls would just give me a busy signal (NOANSWER according to Vitelity). Outbound calls would work fine though. If I unregistered Vitelity in Voxalot settings, then inbound calls would also give a busy signal (CHANUNAVAIL according to Vitelity, which is a not-registered error).

Only thing I wish? East Coast Vitelity servers, a few milliseconds never hurt.
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