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Default Missing something basic

Hi All,

I'm missing some basic understanding of how Sipbroker works.

My Asterisk system is configured to Dial out to <number>

I understand, that if I'm on a SIP device, and I dial *xxx then a number, then Sipbroker can look that up and pass on the call.. But what I see, is that a user dials (eg) 0800123456, which gets dialled as, and somehow Sipbroker is matching this to XYZ companies system and forwarding on.

So a couple of questions get raised, that I half-understand, that I'd like to confirm/correct:

1) I guess SIPbroker can lookup the 0800123456 and pattern match it to company XYZ, and pass that onto their server.
2) Could I register my block of numbers here so we can recieve call like this too?
3) If so, how do I do that? In the sipbroker webpages I can see about setting up my own sipbroker "number", but I can't see how my existing *xxx number is defined, or how I might add a block of numbers to associate to my server..

Like I said.. missing something basic.. (you might guess it wasn't me who added our A*k server to the sipbroker database....)

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