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Unread 07-08-2007, 04:16 AM   #1
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Default Feature Request- Activate forwarding from SIP client.. read on

VoXaLot team - this is a feature which (at least on a conceptual level) could be easily added to the forwarding feature which would increase its usability.

Sometimes when I leave the house, I'm expecting calls and I like to divert my number through to my mobile instead. Obviously I can do this by using a forwarding rule but it requires me to log into the website and set one up / activate one each time, and turn it off when I get home.

Would it be possible to establish a system whereby I can dial a code from my ATA and it would activate a forwarding rule? For example, if I had as priority 10 a rule that would forward ALL incoming calls to my mobile via a provider, it could be activated by dialing *2110 from my end, and disabled by dialing #2110 or something similar.

Is this possible? It would be much easier to activate forwarding like this from my phone rather than having to log in, change a forwarding rule, and do likewise on my return home.

Keep up the good work

EDIT: Unless of course there's someway to do this, or something similar, already ... ?

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Unread 08-05-2007, 05:02 PM   #2
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I think we are all are waiting for a similar feature with a delay...ring at home if not answered ring on mobil or a forward to another numbers which would ring simultaneously. (home a mobile) and would connect to whichever end pick up first

I have managed to sythetically create a delay feature....for my WIFI/mobile phone combination. If I get the call on a WIFI the cost is zero...but if I get a forward call on a GSM network I am talking about 40 Euro Cents.

Here is how I did it

First I created another voxpremium account on top of the one I had(Lets call Account A and Account B) (voxalot if making good money on me, it was fun to try when it was free but now tests costs money)

On the way, I encountered a problem in that when I connected both premium accounts to the same voice provider, only one would ring (probably because they had same number and same IP and the signal can not split ? ). I needed both to ring at the same time

now what I did is I opened a second landline with my voice provider (30$ extra + the voxalot fee to open the extra premium account)

My provider allows me to divert calls after x seconds. Therefore now I get all calls in VOIP line A connected to Account A and if not answered they get diverted to line B, Account B (premium account B that has a forward to my mobile.

HURRA mo more logings in and out of the website everytime I want to do a forward.... now all is done authomatically.

I was getting crazy of connecting and disconnecting this forward feature.

Disadvantage I need to keep 2 lines and pay rental + (15 bucks per year to voxalot)

unless someone hows how a can I get the accoutn to ring simultaneously on both premium accounts connected to the same voice service provider.
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Unread 08-15-2007, 10:07 PM   #3
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Smile In the U.S. their are a couple of free solutions to ring multiple phones

I don't know if their are good options for Europe (maybe you can bounce to the U.S. and back??) but in the U.S. there are two things you can do:

(1) get a free Iowa PSTN number from - they allow you to simultaneously forward to two sip URIs.

(2) will also give you a free U.S. phonenumber which you can simultaneously forward to a bunch of PSTN numbers (I assume in the U.S.); they will also allow you to forward to GizmoProject numbers, the only SIP provider that they will forward to. With voxalot premium you can register with gizmoproject to recieve the calls.
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