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Unread 09-12-2008, 03:23 AM   #11
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Emoci: "The ATA that rings, this is the ATA registered with VoXalot, and VoXalot is in turn registered with VBuzzer, correct?"

Richard: Sorry, typo, the ATA is registered to Voxalot, NOT vBuzzer. vBuzzer is only registered as a provider on my online Voxalot account (at Voxalot - Home).

Emoci: In any case, at least from what I've tested, VBuzzer will show as registered with VoXalot, but for as long as this is enabled, all calls to my VBuzzer number will go to VBuzzer's VoiceMail

Richard: For me it does not go to voicemail. The ATA rings (which is registered to Voxalot and has vBuzzer registered under Voxalot)!! Not sure why it works for me and not you. Many months ago when I first tried it, it went to VM directly, but not anymore.

Emoci: What I've noted VBuzzer does, is they perform a registration at VBuzzerUsername@IP-of-device-registering. That is fine when using an ATA, or your own Asterisk Server, but not when using a service like VoXalot or MSS....

Richard: Are you saying that the way vBuzzer registers with Voxalot confuses Voxalot so that it does not know how to call forward calls that comes in via this service provider?

I have the Toronto Unlimited number and I want to forward the calls to a US number, thus it would not be free if I use vBuzzer's forwarding feature. I don't use PBXes really (tried it once, but didn't get it to work quite right).

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Unread 09-12-2008, 04:47 AM   #12
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emoci is a name known to allemoci is a name known to allemoci is a name known to allemoci is a name known to all

I think PBXes or an MSS acct. with the same username as VBuzzer will make life much easier under the circumstances...

If neccessary, I'd be happy to assist with the setup of either...
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