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Voxalot Support Support for the Voxalot service.

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voxalot kind of service are few there are about 2 or 3 of them that i know off but it seems only voxalot that have this basic features for free and quite realiable and freaking easy to setup at that. this guys deserves some kind of appreciation. at least that's how i see it.

Originally Posted by kurun View Post
The comment on "extortionate behavior" is unfair.

For Voxalot to host this service, there are data centre costs involved, besides the expertise and time.

To run a server at home, one should consider the overall cost of ownership, initial cost of the server, physical space, maintenance costs, server data back-up, UPS Back-up, your time, and cost of electric power.

Probably the cost of the electric power alone to run the server will be comparable to or higher than the yearly VoxPremium charge.

I do not know of any provider that requires registration to send outgoing calls (yes, perhaps it shows how little I know).
And if I did, I have learned how to stay away from them !

Registration is only required in general for incoming calls depending on the provider, as to whether they provide what I call a "real" DID with SIP forwarding capability or a "captive" DID that works only with their registered account.

Further, I am more comfortable using services from a company that charges a nominal and fair fee, than from a company offering free service, as then I have a reasonable expectation of ongoing reliability and support. This is very important for me, and the support from the VoXalot team has been absolutely excellent.

I do realize that you and me and many others were beta testing the system.
That was part of the technical attraction for me to learn how to use VoIP in general, and as many features of the Voxalot service as possible, in particular.
Is it reasonable to fault a company offering a valued service for trying to create a revenue stream?

The feature set in VoxBasic is extensive, and enough for my purpose.
However, I still feel I should sign up and express my vote of support.

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