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Unread 05-18-2006, 10:21 AM   #1
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Default why my provider not compatible?

Hi all,

I wanna know why certain provider cannot be use for web callback?

I try to use my country provider which operate SIP based phone.. their proxy server is I try to call using this provider but no ringging on my phone.. No problem with my account on coz I can call using ATA device. Any idea why cannot works? Since it SIP based.

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Originally Posted by aneip
I wanna know why certain provider cannot be use for web callback?
Can't be used at all, or can't be used for both sides of the call?

I don't know about your specific provider, but the most common reason why a provider can't be used for completing both sides of the call (i.e. to call you first, and then connect you to another number), is that your account simply doesn't allow more than one "call" at a time. After all, many providers only allow one call at a time (per account), to prevent "abuse" on their system. And a web callback, looks like two calls (one to you, and one to some other party) at the same time. So if you are using providers that only allow one call at a time, you have to use two seperate providers (one for each side of the callback) to get web callback to work.

NOTE: You can test if your provider will work for 1 side of the VoIP call, by calling a test number (on a different provider). For example, when you use your provider to call yourself, but try to connect to [b]*011188888[b] via the "SIP Broker" provider, do you hear the test recording? If so, than your provider does work, just only on one side of the call.

BTW: I'm assuming you are not using your provider to call your ATA, but are rather using that provider to call some other phone (such as a cell phone you may own)? If not, than the problem may again be that you are trying to use the single VoIP account in "too many places" at the same time...

However, there are also some providers that just won't work at all with web callback (even for one side of the call). These providers are in the minority, but they do exist. Below are some of the reasons why web callback can totally fail with any given provider:

1) Some providers only allow one account at a time to work from any given VoIP "device". So if you and someone else are both using that provider with web callback, that provider will be unreliable at best (because the server for the VoXaLot "web callback" is hosting calls from all the users, not just hosting your calls). So from the provider's perspective, the VoXaLot server is trying to use multiple VoIP accounts (yours + any other VoXaLot users also using that provider) with their service. And some providers simply don't allow a single VoIP device to use "multiple accounts".

2) Some providers only allow traffic (for an account) from the last place that account was "registered" with. So, if you have the account in your ATA, it could be "blocking" the account's use in VoXaLot (because the VoXaLot server, is obvioiusly not your ATA).

3) Again, for those minority of providers that require you to be "registered" first (as opposed to the majority, that will take your login info at call startup time), web callback won't work (because the web callback proxy doesn't do the "registration" step). However, that may change in the future, as VoXaLot is planning to add support for SIP "registrations".

4) And while I'm not currently aware of any providers specifically blocking VoXaLot's proxy, VoIP providers do have the power to reject traffic from VoXaLot if they choose to do so. So if your provider doesn't like you using VoXaLot in this fashion, than they could just setup their end to disallow it. Again, this does not seem to be a problem right now (generally speaking, the problems above are more likely), but it is a potential reason why a provider wouldn't work...
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Unread 05-18-2006, 01:35 PM   #3
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Thanks for the explaination... I try to respond they way I understand. BTW please excuse my english since it not a primary language here...

I already try many time in many situation. The basic one I think is to call my handphone and using sipbroker *011188888. Got no ring on my phone. I replace my provider with voipstunt. My phone ringing and can hear greeting on sipbroker.

I not calling my ATA. I test using ATA just to make sure my account can be use to call.. Got credit and not suspended.

About the need to registered first.. I try to test using eyebeam.. Uncheck register with domain. Try to make a call.. I can make a call. I dunno whether the eyebeam auto-registered me.. But from the log I can see

INVITE;transport=udp SIP/2.0
SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication required
ACK;transport=udp SIP/2.0
INVITE;transport=udp SIP/2.0
SIP/2.0 100 Trying

Those that 407 mean eyebeam need to register 1st before can make a call??
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