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Default Need help writing ITSP policy

I'm guessing most people won't have much of an idea about what I'm talking about, but we're trying to get as much feedback from as many people as possible.

Currently doesn't really have much in the way of an ITSP/Organisational policy and this could cause some people/companies to not use the tree in future due to dead routes or other issues.

So with that in mind we're currently drawing up a technical requirements policy for ITSPs and others that have access to add blocks of numbers to our system.

We think restricting ITSPs to SIP listings only would be best for a number of reasons, such as H323 isn't a RFC standard and IAX2 isn't an ITU standard or RFC standard, and it's felt that the majority of new installations are likely to be SIP, or at least support SIP.

We are planning to probe all routes once a week or a few random numbers from each block to check for return codes, in the past we've had issues with dead routes and this should help us to automatically add and remove these from our zone.

In future all ITSPs will have access to our XML/SOAP system to allow ITSPs to automate their systems as people churn, or new routes are ported to an ITSP to automatically update our tree at the same time.

We also require ITSPs to return 404 or similar SIP error code on numbers they don't route, this is to ensure our systems can do automated checks on route quality.

We would like feedback on this before we go forward to make this policy official...
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