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Unread 02-23-2007, 06:23 PM   #1
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Default Freedigits and voxalot

Hello, folks,
I have been using voxalot as a gateway for multiple SIP accounts. At home, my ATA is registed to voxalot.
I particularly like its robust dial plan (so that I can choose best rate among different SIP providers depending on the destinations).
I've been using IPKall's DID number, but I am not so impressed by its voice quality. Well, I cannot complain too much because it is free.
I noticed that several members posted's might have better (or reliable?) quality; therefore, I signed up this service.

Here is my trouble;
1) I initially set up to forward calls to sip:XXXXXX(my voxalot #) in's dashboard (ie my account page).
After that, I set my voxalot to forward incoming calls to account as a default, which dials out my cell phone.
When I call my's DID, there is a brief calling tone (~5sec), followed by a message "the number XXX-XXX-XXXX (my freedigits' DID) is on the phone" and voicemail kicks in.
I tested my IPKall's DID number which is currently set to forward calls to (and dial-out the same cellphone as above) and the call went through - so I don't think -> cellphone is the cause.

2) Then, I registered as one of my providers in the voxalot account.
Using as domain and DID number (excluding 1) as account number/username on my account page, was successfully registered.
However, when I dialed freedigits' number from PSTN (not voip phone), the call goes into the voicemail.

I am not sure whether my setting is not correct or I should give more time to update these changes.

Actually, my goal is as follows:
when I travel outside of USA, I would like to receive calls on the cellphone (prepaid cellphone in UK, for example).
But, I do not want my callers to pay international rate to dial UK cellphone number.
Since some VoIP providers (such as have relatively reasonable rate to call-out (or call-forward) to UK cellphones,
I would like to make a link
US DID number -> Voxalot (call-forward) -> registered (in Voxalot) voip provider -> cellphone in Europe

Or, should I just simplify my setting such as
US DID number -> voip provider -> cellphone in Europe?

I may expect too much for current voip technology, but I would appreciate if you can tell me why my freedigits incoming call does not go through to voxalot.
Particularly, I am wondering why it gives me "the number XXX... is on the phone" message.

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Unread 02-23-2007, 07:30 PM   #2
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Here's a suggestion. If forwarding Free Digits to, and all calls to Voxalot to, and that is giving you some problem with completing the call, while pointing the IPKall number directly to worked, then what happens when you forward the Free Digits account directly to and bypass Voxalot? There is no intrinsic reason to use Voxalot in the loop if you just end up forwarding it away anyway. Granted, it shouldn't be creating an error by all accounts but when it is, it is nice to simplify and see when a working config becomes a setup that doesn't work properly.
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Unread 02-23-2007, 09:23 PM   #3
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Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions.
Yes, I forgot to mention this in my initial post; I tried to forward my incoming call (Freedigits' DID number) to (that calls out my cell) and it worked fine.
So, it looks like my attempt to use voxalot in the middle is too complicated.

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