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Default voxalot as a gateway in spa3000 and asterisk ????

HI. I need to config a specific solution with voxalot and spa3000. i am little confused in using line1 or pstn line.

here my specs

I would put spa3000 in a remote house ( no phone would be setup in spa3000 only (fxo pstn line)
I want to use voxalot as gateway so I can register spa3000 with voxalot.

I want to use my asterisk pbx that is in the office ( not the same location as spa3000)
so I would make a trunk voxalot (same account as I put on spa3000)

so when I use a polycom phone that is connected directly to asterisk in office.
I want to be able to dialout from trunk voxalot that has the pstn line in the remote house.
how do I need to config spa3000 to achieve this goal ??
how do I need to config line1 and pstn line or whatever option I need ?

thanks so much in advance

P.D someone could suggest to connect directly the spa3000 with asterisk. but since they each are in diferent locations (remote) i would need dynamic ip updaters ( and i dont want my asterisk to have dynamic ip updater for security reasons. so I want to set voxalot as the bridge between my spa3000 and asterisk
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