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Default Multiple trunks: OK! But multiple identity?


I'm kind of new to VoIP, you've been warned ;-)

With my Voxalot account, I'll be able to have multiple trunk when I dial out, I think I got that, but will I be able to have multiple identities to receive inbound call?

I'm using an ATA (SPA3102) where I can already define multiple gateway:
1: FWD
2: voipbusterpro
3: sipphone
Unfortunately I think I can just manage to have one of them online as an Identity to receive VoIP call :-( So peoples on the two other networks can't join't me (except maybe by sipbroker and their special number but that's not the point).

So if I put my future Voxalot account on my ATA and that I configure my three accounts on my Voxalot account, will I be joignable on those three accounts for inbound call trough my ATA? Would be great but I guess not?

On an IP phone (Snom 300), you can have 4 identities online at the same time! Is there any service that would do that for my ATA or is there any ATA that can be configured with multiple identities to receive call?

Another question that have nothing to do with Voxalot but that concern the SIP protocol in general. Take an real exemple that concern me:

I'm in Mauritius with VoIP and I want to call Belgium on PSTN, my VSP is in Australia, where will go my call trough?

1. Mauritius => Australia (VSP) => Belgium (during all the conversation)
2. Mauritius => Australia (for the authentication), then Mauritius => Belgium (for all the conversation)
3. Mauritius => Belgium (during all the conversation)

The point I want to go is that I'm in Mauritius where there is no VSP, so I have to choose an international one, will I have better result if I choose one from US, one from Europe or one from Australia? Or will it be the same, all would depend on my ADSL connexion!

And finally, what make a VSP better than an other in term of "voice quality" and "time delay" saying that there would all use the same codec compression? That join my precedent question I think, but never know?

Thanks for your help!
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