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Question Simple complete Dialing Plans

I've setup a dialing plan that works for the most part but I'm wondering what the very simplest one is to cover my provider.

  • My provider needs area codes for all numbers in Australia, including local Sydney numbers
  • I want to make use of ENUM and e164 so that just in case a local or international number that I call can be routed over VoIP for free, then it should be routed that way
  • I only have one provider, so I don't need to get fancy and route different types of call different VSPs
  • I want my home phone to look and feel EXACTLY like Telstra, so no one at home has to learn new stuff

The challenge is to make the very shortest dial plan that meets all the constraints.

I was thinking 2 entries only

_NXXXXXXX 02${Exten} 612${Exten} - adds the 02 that I need for local calls and uses enum so that sip to sip calls can occur

. ${Exten} ${Exten} - everything else, but I'm not sure whether this will make use of enum

Is this correct? If not, then suggestions please.

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