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Originally Posted by ildo
I´m trying to call a sip address ( with VoXaLot web callback and the message is "the number to dial is invalid" and when i test in the dial plans the message is "A call will get forwarded to is not a valid e164 number"!
Can this be done, i´m doing samething wrong, please i need to use this...
I don't think we have SIP URI's (directly entered) as an option/provider in "Web Call" yet. It has been talked about as a future option/enhancement, but I don't have an ETA for you as to when it might come out.

In the mean time, the easiest way to dial free VoIP locations with "Web Call", is to use the pre-defined "SIP Broker" provider. With "SIP Broker", you can reach hundreds of free VoIP/SIP call locations that have SIP Broker *codes to reach them ( ), if the proxy you are trying to reach is in that list (however, at this time is NOT in that list).

Which brings up "work around" number 2:
If you click on "Providers", you can add another "Provider" that has "" as the "Host" you want to reach (if you don't require login info, just make up a userid and password for that provider). Once you do that, you should be able to call the "number" of "ildo" via the "Provider" that you setup (that points to "" as the "Host").

This would essentially give you want you want (i.e. a "Web Call" to ). However, it is a 2-stage process to setup (i.e. define the "Provider" first, and then use that "Provider" to call the "number" you are interested in). But at least it is a viable "work around" until such time as we add a "SIP URI" option to the "Providers" list used by "Web Call"...
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