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Originally Posted by nico059

1- Can a Person A call a local Access Number in his country A (for exemple an acces number in Canada-Quebec city)
2- enter the sip broker code ? voxalot code ? or what ever ....
3- ENTER USERNAME/PASSWORD of a VOIP provider (for example Wengo, VoipStunt) AND the PSTN phone number of the person B
4- and join the Person B in country B to his regular PSTN phone via this VOIP account

Is it possible to realise this scenario ...Nico.
Hi Nico,

It is possible to connect 2 PSTN phones through using the Call back service. (Voxalot provide that service).

Also, some Australian VSP providers have "gateways" in various cities/countries which can do what you are asking (e.g. Oztell, BBP Global).... it depends upon the countries you want to use...


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