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Originally Posted by stezanos View Post
If the mobile has Wi-fi, then you could hook to any public wi-fi network and use a voip app if the cellphone is powerful enough (say a Pocket PC Phone).

I have a Pocket PC Phone with SJPhone ( which picks up at any wi-fi spot, and logs into voip networks (FWD specifically but could be any).
I have SJPhone and Fring, but both when I make a call, the only way to talk is thru the speakerphone (speaker) and until now I have been unable to make it work. I read somewhere when I did this try/reasearch they were planning to upgrade the software version. Of course I also read this depends on your handset in my case a precious beautiful HTC Mogul with Windows Mobile 6. And I alse read somewhere it was an issue of the sound driver this device uses. So I remember at the end I just stopped looking all dissapointed and I am just waiting for some update.
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