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Originally Posted by aLbEcO
I tried that and get a message about my router using NAT translation and the call wouldn't go thru. As long as I got ONE SIP account (see below) that can do 2 way communications, I am fine...)
Were both of your test accounts/phones behind the same router (which is a very common occurance when trying to test things yourself)?

If so, that might explain things, as doing a VoIP to VoIP call from being the same NAT router often have problems because they have the SAME internet address.

NOTE: Yes, I know that makes testing things yourself a PITA. The easiest way around this, is to test with a friend (i.e. you try calling a friend via SIP Broker, and visa versa). Because calling yourself via SIP Broker (or any other VoIP service) often runs into the problem of both phones being behind the same router (and therefore not connecting properly)...
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