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Default Figured It out for ONE of my SIP accounts.

I tried that and get a message about my router using NAT translation and the call wouldn't go thru. As long as I got ONE SIP account (see below) that can do 2 way communications, I am fine...)

I have a Grandstream HT-386 with the second line set up on voxalot (The first is an 800 number call in / out).

Ok, figured out how to call to FWD and from FWD. In the FWD call box, use (voxalot 6 digit number) and to call FWD from voxalot, use *393xxxxxx (xxxxxx being your FWD number)... Still want to get 2 way for gizmo project set up, but not quite there yet. Hope this might help someone else.

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