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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
So I am watching this too...there maybe something else going on... Customer Portal -
Yes, the Toolio in that thread is me. That problem has resolved itself, after I registered on Voxalot with server IPs instead of names.

But the Voxalot call forwarding problem continued (at least last night). And it isn't restricted only to, so that might provide additional clues.

Originally I thought the problem trying to forward as a "provider" was because I had a few subaccounts listed and Voxalot was not able to distinguish one from the other (even though they have separate account numbers). So I unregistered all but one, but the problem persisted. Then I recalled that a few days ago I was able to do all of this successfully no matter how many subaccounts were registered.

On that topic, do you know if Voxalot identifies providers only by their name or server name, or by actual accounts. In other words, for forwarding purposes should my Voxalot account be able to distinguish between account 111111_01 and 111111_02 when both are registered with the same Voxalot account?

When I have some time today I will try to replicate the problem (or forward successfully) from some of the same providers on my other Voxalot premium account. I'll let you know what happens. I'll also test all of this again in case it was a temporary glitch.

Thanks again for your help and advice. I appreciate it.
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