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Originally Posted by martin View Post
Looking at your account you still have Voicemail off i.e. Voicemail Active*=No

You mentioned you set this to Yes. Please set this to Yes and retry your test.

Then post the details of what occurs. The more details you provide the more chance we will have to help you. Telling us "it does not work" makes it imossible for us to help you.

The key here is diagnostics and the more the better.
I have turned on the service, but the message is the same. I have tried to call the number with some other provider without success. The message was the same. If I set up my VSP in the ATA device, it works fine. With a voxalot service, the outgoing calls are routed to the appropirate VSP according to the dial plans, but the incoming call can not be connected. What should I try or check for a successful call reception?

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