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Originally Posted by rastasean View Post
I am mostly understanding this but please clarify with me.

Google # has been created and linked to two cell phones & a house phone all within the same US area code of 512.

I created a voxalot account and the extension is 2727## and I also have an ipkall number in the format of 360 519 5###.

Lastly I have linked ipkall & 2727## together so when I dial 360 519 5###, I get the voxalot voicemail box and when I leave a message, its emailed to me.

How would I make google voice ring to a phone I can't even answer to type in the correct code?

What do you use voxalot and ipkall for, just voicemail?

Have IPKall number directed to VoXalot...

Add IPKall number into GoogleVoice (4th number).

Register a Device/SoftPhone with your VoXalot acct. (you probabaly want to do this early enough to receive the confirmation call from above).

Calls to GoogleVoice will now ring three other phones plus your VoXalot line...but messages will end in GoogleVoice's VoiceMail not VoXalot's

I suspect you are after something more complicated... so here's an example of what I have attempted:

-I have a DID with VBuzzer
-An account with
-A master account with multiple providers with VoXalot and my ATA registered with VoXalot.

VBuzzer DID >pointed to> Virtual DID >pointed to> VoXalot SIP URI with Failover after 20 sec to GoogleVoice Number which has been set to immediately send calls to VM (ability to forward with failover is a feature offered by

The idea is that when a call comes in, it rings my ATA registered with VoXalot and should I not answer within 20 sec (about 3 rings) it goes over to GV for a VM to be collected which is then transcribed.

Incoming DID minutes: Free
Forwarding and Failover features at (whether I answer or not answer): 0.25/month and $0.001/min (a tenth of cent)
Cost for forwarding to GoogleVoice if I don't answer: $0.0125/min (using premium route for calls to a US GV number)

There's no way to directly point to GV without inccuring some cost since there is no direct SIP connectivity (unless you had a provider with free calls to the US...or were willing to jump through hoops to leverage two different GV accounts with SipSorcery...and in both cases you would most likely loose Caller ID information in the VoiceMail messages if you did so)

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