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Originally Posted by shezad View Post
Im still not understanding & getting call forwarding to work. I have checked many of the old post, many people have problem understanding and getting call forward to work.
Call forwarding is an alternative to using the "register" way of receiving inbound VoXaLot calls (i.e. use "call forwarding" or use normal registration with VoXaLot, but not both). I use the "forwarding" approach.

For most people, the only "forwarding" that makes sense, is the "default" entry (i.e. always forward to this location). I personally only use the "default" entry. Here's a hypothetical example on how to set it up:

Let's assume you normally use "Free World Dialup", and your FWD number is 123456. Since FWD provides the proxy "" that anyone can use to ring a FWD number, you would setup VoXalot "forwarding" (to be able to receive inbound VoXaLot calls without being "registered" with VoXaLot), by putting "" (without the quotes) in the "default" "forward to URI" on the VoXaLot web page. You would also change the drop-down next to the default entry to "Enabled" and "Save". After that, inbound VoXaLot calls will ring your FWD phone. Obviously you would want to modify this example with the needed phone number and proxy that you need to ring your adapter.

NOTE: Just because you know the proxy of a VoIP provider, doesn't mean that this will work. Some VoIP providers only allow inbound VoIP calls from their own users, not from the general public. Unless your provider allows inbound VoIP calls from the general public, this will fail.

NOTE: If you really are feeling feisty, it's possible to forward the call directly to some VoIP adapters, bypassing your VoIP company (even if your VoIP company doesn't normally let anyone call you via VoIP). I know this is possible, as I've done it. At least with LinkSys/Sipura model adapters, here are the gory details:
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