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Default Vono Registration

I'm also using Vono and sometimes it looses registration. I've tried it with US and EU Voxalot servers, both with issues. I have some hypothesis about what can be going on, but I don't know for sure. I tried also with 'Sym NAT' and 'Optimize Audio Path' options to 'yes' and to 'no'. For me it seems to work better with the Voxalot default configuration, that is, 'Sym NAT' to 'yes' and 'Optimize Audio Path' to 'no'.
Among what I think it may be happening there is the possibility that the registration expiration time with Vono is smaller than the re-registering time that Voxalot uses. Some providers defines maximum and minimum values to the re-registering time, ignoring the value sent to them in the registration dialogue if that value is greater or lesser than the default values.
Another possibility is among what 'Sym NAT' really does. In my experiments using the 'Sym NAT' option to 'no' it seams that an INVITE message is sent to my ATA and answered before VONO starts ringing. So, if my IP changes meanwhile (my ADSL connection have dynamic IP) the re-registration period occurs, my ATA will be out of reach and VONO sends the call to voicemail. I have to say that I really have much less issues when I use 'Sym NAT' to 'yes'.
Another possibility is Server unresponsiveness due to overload. That some times may occur and after it the VSP will think that ATA is offline until next registration. Vono also seams to have some king of firewall defence strategy. If I register my account from my ATA after registering at Voxalot it doesn't ring in either places (despite being registered!) and the call goes to voicemail.
Only one last word: Vono support is not that good. In last April there was a general fault with VISA/MASTERCARD and they didn't understood what happened, starting saying that the problem was with the person's card operator. I was one who had such problems (others had it also as is being told on Vono forums) and they didn't do a thing about it despite all contacts I've estabished with my bank and card operator, which have told me that the authorization request from VONO didn't reach them. I told it one and more times to Vono support with no luck. One and a half month latter it seams to be working again. So, Vono support is not worse than what we have here where I'm living for the time being, but it is not that good as it should be. So, do not believe in everything you are told: it simply may not be the truth.
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