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Originally Posted by 728269 View Post
Sorry, I if am not used with the forums, I just managed to find this thread and seems to be similar with my issue.
I use a Nokia E61 with voxalot account, and TErrasip as VSP. Several months ago I used to do outgoing call with this setup but now I have the same message : Sorry the numer you have called cannot be connected. pleas try again. I even tried to do some of the steps mentioned here. but nothing. My voxalot #728269. PLease help . Thank you.
-Can you reach Echo Test at *600?
-Check your Smart Call/Dial Plan section in the VoXalot acocunt and use the Test tool to see if calls to numbers as you dial them are being routed correctly?
-I doubt the Nokia has a setting to block CID in regards to VoIP but if it does, make sure it is not blocking CID?
-Can you make calls normally if instead of the Nokia your register on a SoftPhone or ATA (if one is handy)?

Let's hope it's just a dial plan problem and not a Nokia config problem (since the latter tends to be harder to troubleshoot)...
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