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Default not sure how to troubleshoot

Since the beginning of this month, I just cannot make any outbound calls from phone connected to ATA (Grandstream HT 386), registered to; I receive the same message as this thread's title.
From my voip provider's call log, my last successful outbound call through voxalot was made on 9/26 (the outbound leg was actually made by

Here are my trials/overall symptoms so far;
1) when ATA is registered directly to my providers (,, I can make outbound calls without any trouble.
2) when ATA is registered to, I can make echo test (600) and can access to my voicemail (500), but anytime I make any attempt to call real tel number, I receive a message "The number you have dialed could not be connected".
3) I did not change any information regarding my voip providers' accounts (user name, domain, and password).
4) I also did not change any parameters regarding my dial plan(rules) on my voxalot account during these couple of months.
5) I decided to upgrade my account to lite lately. When I picked as "register", I was able to see this provider as "registered" in my voxalot page; so the credentials I put into voxalot account should be OK.

My voxalot account # is 691125.
I would appreciate any suggestion. I am wondering whether my dial plan may need to be changed, but it does not make sense why all of a sudden I cannot make any outbound calls (it does not matter whether US number or calls outside of USA).

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