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Default Trunking with my Asterisk Server (Freepbx)

Hey Guys

Im new to voxalot but here is what I want to achieve, and so far I havent managed to get it working.

I have voxalot registered with my sipgate account (because it doesnt work on my pbx..but anyways). Voxalot to send all calls down the trunk that I have setup between my server and vox. I used this url to set up the trunk:

So now I need to tell vox to forward everything over the trunk right?

Well I tried under "called forwarding" to put my vox URI, but it just says invalid URI.

So my question is now that I have a registered trunk between my pbx and vox, how do I get vox to forward all calls over that trunk.

Also I would like to know how vox sends the caller ID. Essentially what should I put in my inbound routes vox ID?

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