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Originally Posted by FrankR View Post
Here is the dial plan --- what are you speaking about?

To be able to dial voxalot speed dial numbers you must add to the above dial plan something like '**x.' or you can change it, on it's beginning, to '*[x*].'. So, one possible solution, based on the above sipura dial plan, is:


With this dial plan:

a) All sequences that begins with one '*' and that are followed by any number or star, with any length, matches '*[*].' rule;
b) 311, 411, 611 and 911 matches '[3469]11' rule;
c) To dial international calls you dial 00 followed by country+city+phone. If you prefer to dial '011' instead '00' for international calls, you can change the above rule to '011x.';
d) To dial US local number, it matches '[2-9]xxxxxx' rule. You should remember that this sipura dial plan doesn't change the dialed number, so your VSP or Voxalot must be configured to manage such number (international VSP normally obliges you to dial in e164 format, that is, country+city+phone);
e) To dial US long distance numbers (including 1800 and similar numbers), they matches '1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0' rule. Remember that 'S0' means immediate dial;
f) The final rule accepts any sequence of numbers that have at least eight numbers in length and that doesn't begin with '1' (that is because 'S0' on the precedent rule). Unless you have some specific use for this rule, it can be eliminated.

Sipura manuals are clear on configuration examples that you should read.
Another thing is your Voxalot dial plan.
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