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Originally Posted by Wakie View Post
That's exactly what I was trying to explain

So, after I have added my two VoIP providers (Australia and Turkey, both charged at 'local' rates) into my Voxalot account, I'm able to call my Turkish destination via an ATA device programmed to Voxalot? Wouldn't there need to be a Vox POP in Turkey to enable that leg of the call to be charged at a local call rate? need to have a VoXalot server in Turkey to use a Turkish provider

The 2 call legs are:
1. ATA---VoXalot---Turkish Provider (completely over the internet)
2. Turkish Provider ---- PSTN in Turkey (over the actual phone network for which a charge this case a local charge)

If all you wanted to deal with was the Turkish could do this directly from your ATA (no VoXalot involved).

Where VoXalot comes in handy is if you have a few of these (eg. one for local calls to turkey, one for local calls to germany, one to italy, one for get the picture) then VoXalot acts as the central place where all the details are stored whereas your ATA only deals with VoXalot...

Hope that makes sense...
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