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Originally Posted by Wakie View Post
Hi Folks,

What I'm looking to do is make international calls at untimed rates without a 'web callback'. I have an Australian-based VoIP provider and intend on getting a series of 'local' providers in overseas land and hope to use Voxalot to connect the two local calls together.

Effectively, I simply want to make a phone call from a handset connected to an ATA and have the call connected immediately.

Is this a possibility?


VoXalot is a service that stands in middle and routes Incoming and Outgoing calls based on your preferences ...

However incoming and outgoing services from and to the PSTN must be obtained from third party providers.

If you want to set up something a-la Rebtel Smart Call or Talkster ...Web-Call-Back is probably as close as it gets...

I could of course be missing part of what you wish to do....if you could describe an example call and how you'd like it to proceed maybe we can provide some better pointers...
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