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Two quick things to check first:

1. Run a Test of a regular number as you've been dialing it using the Test tool in Smart Call/Dial Plans menu and see if the routing is being done ok (if the right provider is handling the right call).

2. Make Sure that the Block CID setting in your ATA has not been activated by mistake (Block CID must be set to No)

Originally Posted by Yazcedric View Post
Since the beginning of this month, I just cannot make any outbound calls from phone connected to ATA (Grandstream HT 386), registered to; I receive the same message as this thread's title.
From my voip provider's call log, my last successful outbound call through voxalot was made on 9/26 (the outbound leg was actually made by

Here are my trials/overall symptoms so far;
1) when ATA is registered directly to my providers (,, I can make outbound calls without any trouble.
2) when ATA is registered to, I can make echo test (600) and can access to my voicemail (500), but anytime I make any attempt to call real tel number, I receive a message "The number you have dialed could not be connected".
3) I did not change any information regarding my voip providers' accounts (user name, domain, and password).
4) I also did not change any parameters regarding my dial plan(rules) on my voxalot account during these couple of months.
5) I decided to upgrade my account to lite lately. When I picked as "register", I was able to see this provider as "registered" in my voxalot page; so the credentials I put into voxalot account should be OK.

My voxalot account # is 691125.
I would appreciate any suggestion. I am wondering whether my dial plan may need to be changed, but it does not make sense why all of a sudden I cannot make any outbound calls (it does not matter whether US number or calls outside of USA).


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