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No idea, never tested InternetCalls nor Sipgate. But be aware that Betamax blocks some incoming calls, for example from SipBroker and Voxalot.

I personally have several DIDs with LocalPhone (best prices, not Betamax, good support) and, because it's still not possible through web interface, I send a mail to their support asking to route the DID to my SipBroker alias. Then the SipBroker alias directly route to my VoIP hardware to avoid being blocked by Betamax.
Off course it's required that the hardware accepts direct calls... But, if not, it is also possible to ask to route calls to a Voxalot URI, that's what I did for my last DID. (This way, Voxalot is your main "provider", which routes outgoing calls through the Betamax(s) you want, and accepts incoming calls from LocalPhone DIDs, direct calls and SipBroker aliases.)
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