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Default Germany Munich number not working 9/2013

I have a friend in Germany who needs to test his number but I suggested to him to phone Munich number 49(0)-89-121409114 but he said it did not connect. I have tried myself to call from the USA and the phone just had a fast busy signal and no one answered. One question I still have, is the (0) since it is in brackets meant to be dialed or is it optional ? I have tried dialing without the (0) and the phone rings but no one answered. The reason I need for him to test his number is that when I call him a number rings but an answering machine answers in German while they do not have an answering, when the answering machine comes on, one can hear another phone ringing, and that is there phone. If he answers the phone I can here him but he doesn't here me. This happens only when I call him via callcentric, but when he calls me sometimes everything is ok, but other times he hears me but he can not hear me. I have been using this service for a long time without this problem; furthermore when I use callcentric pay system and call his cellphone , then everything is perfect. His system uses a 4G box Fritz!Box and I have a Sipura-3000. But all this is info which's not related as far as I know to your service/forum but to the pstn numbers provided in your SipBroker PSTN number pages. Let me know if anyone of you is aware of any number in Germany that my friend can use to test and find out what settings he needs to change in his system. Thanks !
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