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Thanks for finding that thread, yes it is exactly the same issue.

The only reason I would like to use the #N sequence is because my folks at home have already been trained to use it from my previous SPA dialplan and I don't want to have to retrain them. It took a while to train them the first time around.

Assuming this can't be easily fixed on the Voxalot side or by a firmware update, it should be possible for me to just do a SPA dialplan-level translation like this and change the Voxalot dialplan to use N* instead of #N:

Old dialplan: ([x#*][x*].)

New dialplan: (<#1,:1*>[x*][x*].|<#2,:2*>[x*][x*].|<#3,:3*>[x*][x*].)
I hope that would do the trick.

Thanks again for the feedback!
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