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Originally Posted by gsar View Post
I found a reference to the same problem in another thread here, so it seems like a Voxalot dial plan implementation issue. That thread seems to have ended with an explanation that is incorrect--the SPA is able to pass the "#" character through iff it is part of the SPA dialplan, even if the "#" is at the end of the dialed sequence. For example, if your SPA dialplan is ([x#*][x#*].) dialing #123# will send all five characters through and the "send" function associated with # is disabled.
Chances are the issue at hand is somehting along these lines

So this is a hardware specific issue or rather an issue possibly confined to Certain ATAs and VoXalot...

The fact that most other Linksys devices can work fine with VoXalot...makes me think that chances are that an upgrade to the firmware of SPA2100 you have may take care of this... it worth the time and headache to go upgrading firmware when you could just as easily use _1*x. for example...?
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