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Originally Posted by craig View Post
There are two scenarios in play here:
  1. You make a call directly via your ATA. VoXaLot is still sending your ATA's IP address (as it has done since we made the change a fortnight or so ago.) Nothing has changed on our side. Betamax must have changed something on their side.
  2. You make a call via the web-callback. In this case, VoXaLot is initiating both call legs, so Betamax will receive the VoXaLot IP address. This is a limitation of the web-callback service. Because you aren't initiating the call from your ATA, we don't know what your ATA's outward-facing IP address is, so we can't send that to Betamax. In this case, Betamax may block the calls (I suspect this is the case for web-callback).

We will contact Betamax to try to understand why the first scenario is not working as you would expect.

Hi. Even without using the web call back feature.
Just using Betamax thru Voxalot makes this prob.
Using the ata directly registered to betamax (-> no voxalot), no prob.


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