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Originally Posted by pmerrill
I believe I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, the Draytek 2100V does not support gateways.
I believe you are correct, however it does support direct SIP peering for 60 friends. 8.2.1 in the manual

I believe that I need to register with SIPME so that they can route the call to my ATA (i.e., username and password).
This could be correct, however SIPME support peering. Find out if you can SIP forward all your calls to another SIP URI. If you can, forward all your calls to the VoXaLot account and then register your ATA with VoXaLot. Read this tutorial

The Draytek 2100V does have an Outbound Proxy setting but if I set this up to point to Voxalot, then how will Voxalot know which user's dialplan's to use?
You will need to set up VoXaLot dial plans at VoXaLot. It's not hard. Have a look at this tutorial.

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