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Originally Posted by martin
VoXaLot does not require your ATA to be registered with our proxy. The ATA can use VoXaLot as a gateway (if your ATA supports this).

Just means that the your VoXaLot inbounds will either goto voicemail or use call forwarding (if set-up).
I believe I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, the Draytek 2100V does not support gateways. How could I confirm this? I believe that I need to register with SIPME so that they can route the call to my ATA (i.e., username and password). The Draytek 2100V does have an Outbound Proxy setting but if I set this up to point to Voxalot, then how will Voxalot know which user's dialplan's to use? The 2100V setting are as follows:

SIP Port : 5060
Domain :
Proxy :
Outbound Proxy :
Stun Server :

Ports Setting
Port 1
Use Registrar check box
Display Name : SIPME
Account Name : 1777XXXXXX
Authorization User : 1777XXXXXX
Password : ********
Expiry Time : 1 hour

Would it work if I changed the Outboard Proxy to Is there any combination of setting that would work?
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